AllerMates Medicine Case for Asthma Inhalers: Orange 

    Keep asthma medication handy while on the go with this AllerMates Asthma Inhaler Case!  This inhaler case was designed by a mom who had her child's safety in mind, so it's organized to keep asthma inhalers or other small medications clean and ready for use! A one year warranty is available on all of AllerMates products. 


    • One inhaler comfortable fits in this case along with back-up asthma medication. 
    • Self-adjusting elastic material on each side allows for most inhalers including a diskus.  
    • Attaches via velcro straps and/or carabiner clip. 
    • Contains interior fabric label to enter name and medical info. 
    • Conveniently measures 4"H X 2.5"W X 1"D. 


    Item #819556011091

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