AllerMates Nut Free Zone School Poster sz 18 x 24"

  • The AllerMates Food Allergy Awareness peanut and nut allergy poster measures 18 x 24"
  • Vibrant, fun colors are perfect to grab the attention of school-aged kids with food allergies.

Do you care for a child with a peanut or nut allergy? Whether you hang it in a classroom, cafeteria, or camp bunk, go NUTSO to protect kids with food allergies with the AllerMates Food Allergy Awareness Nut Free Zone School Poster! Brighten up a classroom or cafeteria with this poster made to make kids with food allergies feel good about themselves.  This food allergy awareness poster tells kids with a nut or peanut allergy that they are in a safe zone dedicated to them.


Item #819556012869

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