Auvi-Q Charm for Multi Allergy Bracelet

    Does your child have an allergy that requires him or her to carry an Auvi-Q auto injector? Keep caretakers in the know by snapping one of these "I CARRY AN AUVI-Q" medical alert charms onto an AllerMates Multi-Charm bracelet designed for kids with allergies and other health concerns. Each charm is fashionable and cool, so kids won't mind wearing it along with the brightly colored bracelet! Who says staying safe can't be fun?
    • Charm for carrying Auvi-Q measure 7/8" high and 1.2" wide.
    • Our "friendly" version of a medical alert charm can be added and/or removed by an adult to accommodate kids with food allergies' changing needs.
    • Worn with AllerMates allergy bracelets designed to carry charms.
    • The allergy bracelets and matching charms meet and exceed U.S. and European safety standards for children's products.
    • Allergy bracelets are sold separately.


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