Diabetes Charm

Does your child have multiple health concerns, including diabetes? Keep everyone in the know and your child safe by adding the  diabetes charm to AllerMates multi-charm bracelet featuring the fun AllerMates Diabetes character, TAB. This charming customizable bracelet (sold separately) is a great way to remind others of your child’s health concerns, but is fashionable and cool, too because being safe should be!

  • Latex-free charm
  • Multi-charm bracelet up to six different character charms, each measuring 7/8” high and 1.2” (17 mm) wide.
  • Charms can be added, rearranged or even removed if your child outgrows an allergy, and will fit in popular shoes and other accessories for greater use.

The multi-allergy bracelet and its charms meet and exceed U.S. and European safety standards as part of AllerMates commitment to safeguarding kids.


Item #819556011213

Meet our fun AllerMates Diabetes character, TAB at a safe place to teach kids about diabetes.



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