Medicine bag for carrying allergy and asthma medicines

      AllerMates Medicine Carrying Bag for allergy & asthma medicines like EpiPens®, Auvi-Q, inhalers, peak flow meters & more. 

      Do you find yourself frantically digging around for you or your child's medication?  Stop the madness with the AllerMates My Meds Medicine Bag!   Designed to help organize medications, this lightweight medicine bag can hold 2 Epi-Pens®, asthma inhalers, nasal sprays, peak flow meters or other medicines depending on your needs.  A one year warranty is available on all of AllerMates products. 

      • Lightweight yet durable material makes this medicine bag great for travel, field trips or everyday use. 
      • Three interior pockets with easy to access velcro closures help keep smaller medications in place. 
      • A detachable insert with two elastic loops is perfect for holding 2 EpiPens® or other types of medicines. 
      • Easy to access exterior pocket holds bi-fold emergency contact and medical info card.  
      • Conveniently measures 9.75”W X 7.75”H. 



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