Meet The AllerMates Mini Activity Booklet 50-Pack

This bundles consists of a pack of 50 activity  booklets - perfect for schools, the physicians office or a non profit function.

Want to help your child understand his or her allergies in a way that is fun and engaging?   We thought you'd say "YES!," which is why our team of allergy supermoms are proud to introduce our Meet the AllerMates Small Activity Set.

Eight colorful, informative and (did we mention...) fun pages help explain allergies to children, as well as how to stay safe against their allergens.

  • Booklet arrives packaged in a poly-bag and includes crayons making it perfect for doctor's offices, support group gatherings, schools and anywhere kids are.
  • 8 pages full colored pages including the cover and back.
  • Booklets measure 4.75" x 6.75"


Item #819556012876

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