Gluten Free Awareness Small Pouch/Snack Bag.

  • These small, reusable food allergy awareness snack bags are made from materials that are BPA & Phthalates free.
  • Heat-treated 420D outer shell that provides durability and water resistance.
  • A PE inner liner keeps food safe and makes these reusable snack bags easy to clean.
  • Measures 4"H X 7"W X 2.5" D, comfortably fitting a full-size sandwich for kids with food allergies.
  • Closed tight with a durable, sturdy, zipper.

Is your child wheat/gluten free? Be safe and have fun with this AllerMates Wheat/Gluten Free snack pack designed for kids with food allergies! Pack a safe snack in these reusable snack bags and have kids tote them along to school, parties, or play dates! Kids with food allergies can also pack 2 Auvi-Q epineprine auto-injector devices in this handy pouch.

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