Medicine Case (Insulated) for Carrying Allergy Medicines like EpiPens®: Children’s Squares Pattern 

The AllerMates Medicine Carrying Case was designed to carry allergy medicines including 2 EpiPens® or other auto injectors as well as other allergy or asthma medicines. This insulated medicine cases makes carrying and sharing children’s emergency medicines easy and less intimidating for all.   A one year warranty is available on all of AllerMates products. 

  • Insulated medicine case helps keep interior contents within a 10-degree range of room temperature for up to 6 hours, after exposed to exterior weather conditions.  
  • Large interior pocket is perfectly sized to fit allergy emergency medications like two EpiPens® or other auto injectors. Additional pockets allow for other medicines like an asthma inhaler, nasal spray, pills, a small vial containing Benadryl or even an ice pack. 
  • Attaches via a carabineer, removable and adjustable belt, and/or velcro straps. 
  • Contains a bi-fold emergency contact and medical info card and a detailed pamphlet on allergic emergencies and how to use an epinephrine auto injector. 
  • Conveniently measures 8"H X 3"W X 1"D

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